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Card Valet

We are making managing your accounts much faster and easier. Download the Card Valet app today! 

Manage, monitor and move your money quickly and securely from any mobile device.

Key Features of Card Valet app:

  • View your balance inquiries, make account to account transfers, and view transaction history.
  • A variety of activity alerts provide transparency and allow cardholders to effectively manage card accounts.
  • Turn card on and off in-between purchases. If you lose your card, turn it off so no one else has access. Cardholders may enroll and set alert preferences for dependent cards and turn a registered card on and off in-between purchases (with no disruption to recurring bill payments).
  • Location services alert if the device location is not the geographical proximity of the card-present transaction or an international transaction.
  • Transaction controls allow you to set specific transaction parameters by type (in-store, online, mail/phone order). You can also define threshold limits.

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