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Check Fraud Information

Is the CHECK or “Guaranteed” ITEM (cashier’s check, official check, money order, travelers check, United States Treasury check, etc.) that you brought to us counterfeit? 

For your protection, if ANY of the following statements are correct, please notify a member of our staff immediately.  You are responsible for the items you deposit or cash with us.  You could be the victim of a scam and participating in a fraud scheme if: 

  • You have been instructed to keep the transaction a “secret” or the check is from an unknown source or is 
  • The check is for payment or commission of employment from a “work at home” position, “secret or mystery shopper” position, or newspaper ad where you were hired online or over the telephone. 
  • The check is to pay taxes and/or fees to receive other funds, such as an inheritance or lottery winnings. 
  • The check is from someone you met online or someone you have been communicating with through Email, text or phone…someone you’ve never met in person
  • The check is proceeds for an item you sold on the Internet; such as a car, boat, jewelry, etc... 
  • The amount of the check is more than the selling price of the item sold. 
  • The check is drawn on a business or individual different from the person buying your item or product. 
  • The check is for payment of a rental property or room for rent
  • You have been instructed to return funds through a wire transfer, Walmart, Western Union or Money Gram as soon as possible. 
  • You have been asked to assist in the distribution of money from or to another country.