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Direct ACH Deposit,
Payment & Transfer

You can use your computer system to create a file of Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions. This software allows you to initiate electronic debits or credits right from your office. For example, if your company receives membership fees or issues automated payroll, this is the program for you. An internet connection is all you need for direct deposit of payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and transfers. There will be a monthly service fee of $25.00 assessed for ACH services.

Key Benefits

  • Lower Costs - ACH is more efficient than issuing paper checks. You reduce the expense of printing, processing, and maintaining security control of checks.
  • Fewer Errors - Along with increased efficiency is increased effectiveness. ACH payment processing is faster and less labor-intensive than check processing. Utilizing your computer system eliminates many steps that introduce operator error.
  • Increased Speed of Processing - With computer automation, returns can be executed faster and settlement is more timely than for paper checks.
  • Security - This system is designed to assure that only authorized individuals are allowed access to the system. Security procedures are built into your software.
  • Control - Your company originates the file; you control the accuracy and timeliness of the information sent.

Services are subject to New Mexico Gross Receipts Tax