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Cash Management

Our Cash Management system provides business and retail customers with an effective and convenient online link to managing the funds in their accounts.

ACH Origination

Business customers can generate their own ACH payment files to make automatic payroll deposits directly into their employees' accounts. ACH files can also be originated to make various debits from individual accounts.

Transfer of Funds

Customers can execute many types of funds transfers between accounts. The system provides for transfers between deposit accounts, such as savings to checking, as well as, transfers from a deposit account to a loan account in order to make a variety of loan payments, including regular payments, principal only, and a loan payoff. Customers can even make a cash advance by transferring funds from their loan (credit line) account to a deposit account. All transfer of funds transactions are executed on-line, real-time and all account available balances are updated immediately.

Wire Transfers

Customers can wire funds to an account at another bank by completing a wire transfer request form on-line, which is transmitted to the bank for processing.

(A $22 Domestic Wire Fee or $65 Foreign Wire Fee will apply for wire transfers.  Cash management services additionally have a $25 monthly fee)